SnapShop Showroom, developed by San Francisco-based SnapShop Inc., can be downloaded for free on iTunes.

It enables a consumer to use a smartphone to browse and pull furniture images from a catalog, then virtually place it a photo of room or a live image of the room. The image of the room can then be shared with the user's social network for feedback. The photos usually are accompanied by a retailer's URL, further driving traffic to the retailer website. 

This can actually disadvantage IKEA. IKEA is famous its showrooms, for creating a feeling of being at home and put furnitures together as bedroom, kitchen,... for consumers to have a vague idea of how they should look like in a room. But now, using this app, consumers can simply get online, get a more precise idea of how the furniture would look like in their apartment, and also can compare the price between retailers (not including IKEA).  


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