BASF has now developed a technology for an innovative wood-based material with the potential to revolutionize the furniture market: Kaurit® Light. "Wood-based panels made with the new technology weigh 30 percent less than conventional chipboard while offering the same strength," explains Dr. Stephan Weinkötz, project manager at BASF. "Kaurit® Light panels consist of wood chips, a foamed polymer and Kaurit® glue. For this new development we have combined and successfully utilized existing know-how from two of BASF's operating divisions," continues Weinkötz.

This new technology can help IKEA to manufacture more light and high-quality furnitures, while remaining the quality. The new material doesn't need large financial investment in new machines. Transport and handling costs are lower, less packaging material is required. Both of which also save energy and conserve resources. This fits in IKEA's ideal furniture: lightweight, high-quality and easy to assemble while remaining the cheap price.


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