A FAKE IKEA store thought that it would be safe hiding in an isolated southern district in southwest China, but like its counterpart, the fake Apple store, it was unveiled.

Situated in Kunming City, the store, known as 11 furniture, copies the Swedish furniture giant's signature blue and yellow color scheme, signage, mock-up rooms, its rocking chair design, and its playground for children.

On digitaljournal.com, lifestyle specialist Lynn Herrmann said: "No longer content with just copying name-brand handbags or athletic shoes, counterfeiters in China are now ripping off an entire retail scheme, a scheme some leading companies have spent millions of dollars in creating. This scheme often leads to customer loyalty, with product quality the underlying factor for the loyalty". This seems to be true, because as on theepochtime.com, Chinese customers have positive attitude towards this replication "This shows that Chinese people are very good at learning". There is no sign that there is a suit between IKEA and this company, when in my opinion, IKEA will not be able to expand in China in general and in Kunming in particular, because it's losing customers base right now.



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