The wider crisis in Europe has thus not succeeded in killing growth in Sweden. The domestic market have been strong in a country mostly known for its large export market. The National Institute of Economic Research (NIER) is about to adjust its forecast for growth in the Swedish economy upwards. In March the government agency predicted a growth of 0.4 per cent in 2012, but now it's probably around one per cent. The economy has done better than we expected with a stronger employment and falling unemployment," forecast manager Jesper Hansson tells business daily Dagens Industri.

This is a really good news for IKEA. As the Europe crisis is spreading, IKEA will expect slowing growth in Europe and many other countries. The headquarter of IKEA based in Sweden must be sustained, any small effects on it can spread through the worldwide IKEA chains. However, as the Sweden economy is doing very well in the middle of the crisis, and actually even better than before, Swedish IKEA will not be affected and there could even be moderate growth. 

Source: http://www.stockholmnews.com/more.aspx?NID=8537


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